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Spectra Supporter Society

Our Inclusive Donor Club

What is A Anti-Patriarchal Patron?

Support simply because you believe in it - not for the benefit of owning it

Historically, the patronage system has been directly tied to the systems that dictate our society - a bastion of privilege, with wealthy, predominantly white men wielding disproportionate influence over which artists receive recognition, support, and resources. It perpetuates a cycle where the voices and perspectives of marginalized communities are systematically sidelined in favor of those that align with the interests of the ruling class.

We seek to challenge the entrenched power structures that have long dictated the course of artistic expression; to dismantle the patriarchal norms permeate every aspect of our society: to create an inclusive space for marginalized voices but also to redefine the very notion of artistic legitimacy and value.

This is why Spectra Choir is not a 501c3 non profit and will never be.

Join us in the journey toward a more liberated and inclusive artistic community. Together, we can weave a tapestry of creativity that transcends the confines of tradition and embraces the boundless possibilities when all voices are heard and supported.

Why Contribute?

Your support plays a pivotal role in our journey to fulfill our mission.


Contributions enable us to:

Empower Singers: Offer scholarships to promising singers, ensuring financial constraints never silence potential.

Enhance Excellence: Invest in musical projects, arrangements, and custom commissioned works elevating our performance and audience experience.

Expand Reach: Bring our choir to various communities beyond Savannah, spreading joy and inspiration through music.

How can you help?

Join the Spectra Support Society by choosing a contribution tier that resonates with you.

Contribution Tiers:

Noteworthy Members: For patrons who wish to dip their toes into our musical journey. $10/month

Melody Makers: For patrons eager to play a more significant role in the composition of our artistic and communal vision. $25/month

Harmony Heroes: For patrons ready to make a substantial impact on our community's future. $50/month

Scholarship Sheroes: For patrons who want to directly fund the membership fee of a Spectra Singer. $78/month

Every Voice Counts

Whether big or small, your contribution is a powerful vote of confidence in our mission. Together, we can ensure that the Spectra Choir continues to be a beacon of the change we want to see in the choral world and the world at large.

Membership Perks include

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Reminder: Although we function much like a non profit, we are not a 501c3 organization

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