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Spectra Supporter Society

Redefining Patronage in the Arts

How are we
redefining Patronage?

Challenging the gatekeepers so ALL artists can arrive

Historically, patronage has been directly tied to the systems that dictate our society -


A bastion of misogyny and white supremacy wielding disproportionate influence over which artists receive recognition, support, and resources.


It perpetuates a cycle where


the voices and perspectives of marginalized communities continue to be systematically sidelined


in favor of those that align with the interests of the ruling class.


As Allies We recognize...

Whether we intend to or not, many of us inherently benefit from these systems; 

We are all imperfect allies who can lean in, listen, and unlearn our innate biases;

We must save the performance for the stage - not our allyship.  

We seek...

To challenge the entrenched power structures that have long dictated the course of artistic legitimacy and value; 

To welcome everyone to the table for a conversation in genuine solidarity;

To lift every voice.

spectra choir feminist femme treble choir savannah ga

Let's do this, Together

Spectra Choir is not a 501c3. We are a self-sustaining organization and we are asking for you to support a mission and artistic vision solely because

 You believe in it.


So that we are not beholden to anyone's support,

but enhanced by it. 


Your contribution goes beyond financial assistance;

it's a vote of confidence in our mission to

Empower others,

Enrich experiences,

Expand our reach.


By joining us, you're helping to create a space where creativity knows no bounds and where ALL voices have a platform to be heard, celebrated, and amplified. 


Together, let's embrace the limitless possibilities of a truly inclusive artistic community.

How can you help?

Choose a contribution tier that resonates with you.

For patrons ready to make a substantial impact on our communal vision

You are helping to fund:

  • Rehearsal space

  • Sheet music

  • Advertising

  • Supplies

Melody Makers

Harmony Heroes

You are helping to fund:

  • DEI Coaching

  • Commissioned Pieces

  • Special Projects

  • Tour expenses

For patrons eager to play a

more significant role in the composition of our artistic vision

For patrons who love their Spectra Singer and want to directly fund their membership

You are helping to fund:

Insurance that financial constraints never silence potential and empowerment.

Scholarship Sheroes

For Patrons who want to help grow our community exponentially and make a larger one time gift

You choose

the amount

Bold Badasses 

Every voice counts

Want to support with a smaller budget?

Your Contribution is powerful regardless of amount;


It is a powerful vote of confidence in our mission and vision.


Together, we can be the change we want to see in the choral world and the world at large.


Membership Perks include

How we support and thank you

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I want to join Spectra
Supporter Society!

Select a Contribution Tier
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Reminder: As we are not a 501c3 organization,

donations are not tax deductible

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