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We're glad you're here!

Our Mission

Spectra Choir is a feminist treble choir in Savannah, GA committed to creating innovative and intriguing music while amplifying underrepresented voices through the repertoire we sing, the causes we support, and the

community we create.

Our vision is to continually be purposeful in enacting change and evolve with compassion and open minds.

To question the gatekeepers of the choral world (and world at large). To have the courage to take up space with our eyes clear and

hearts on fire.

To always value the multi-faceted, ever changing,

beautifully colorful voice, human, and spirit.

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Our Vision

Our VAlues

Equality and Compassion

Agents of Change in the choral world, in the world at large,

in ourselves.

Fostering intersectional feminism and practicing what we preach.


Authenticity and Empowered

Showing up as you are. You are enough.

Embracing progress over perfection.

Self-regulated, intentional, sustainable singing.


Boldness and Innovation

Having the courage to speak up and speak out.

High caliber and creative programming, musicianship, and training.

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